All new clients can go to your Website and choose one of your predefined products in the ‘Shop’ section (e.g. POS+CRM, Project (Task Manager), Ecommerce).

Products can be created in the Sales >> Products section of your SaaS portal. Each product is related to a Plan.

Trial database

If you click on the Try Trial, you will redirect to the login page (we recommend to logout from admin user before clicking on it to check how your client can do that):

  • If client has been signed in website, he can input his credentials and login.
  • If not, client will be able to sign up (‘Sign Up’ button)

Then client can see the message:

“The database is creating… it takes only a few minutes. Please check your email now for further instructions on how to login.”


At this moment the client receives email that contains the created database link.

As a result a new client database will be created and displayed in the Portal (you can see them all at SaaS >> Clients section after deleting the In Progress filter at the top-right hand of this menu). Then open this database and click on the Sync Server button to sync client databases with server.