You must have a Yandex account in order to use Yandex.Mail for Domain. You can connect up to 50 domains per account, unlimited email per domain

Prepare the domain

Make sure that your domain is ready to work with Yandex.Mail for Domain:
Register the domain with a company that provides such services, if you have not done this yet (Yandex can’t register your domain).

Connect the domain to Yandex Mail for Domain

To add the domain to Yandex Mail for Domain:

  1. Open the page for adding domains and log in to the account that you created for working with this domain.
  2. Enter the domain name in the Domain name box (for example, “yourdomain.tld”).

After adding the domain, confirm that you are the owner.



Set up the MX record

Configure the MX record on your DNS hosting company’s website. To use Yandex Mail for Domain, you need to create an MX record with the value “”.

If you delegated your domain to Yandex servers, the required MX record will be created automatically.

  1. Log in to the control panel on your DNS hosting company’s website.

  2. Delete the existing MX records.
  3. Create a new MX record with the following field values (the fields may be named differently in different control panels):
    • Value — “”.

      The dot is required at the end of the server name. In some control panels, the dot is assumed automatically. In this case, you don’t need to add it.

    • Priority — 10.

      If a priority of “10” is not allowed in the control panel, enter any other priority other than zero.

    • Subdomain name — “@”.

      In some control panels, you need to enter the name of your domain instead of “@” (for example, “yourdomain.tld.”). If you are not able to set either “@” or the domain name, leave this field empty.

      If this field isn’t shown in the control panel, you don’t have to set it.

  4. Wait while the changes take effect in DNS. This process may take up to 72 hours.And finally congrats, you already have yandex mail server ready for work now.